Part 1 of a three-part series on how to implement an AI solution from data cleaning and visualization to building a Machine Learning model and deploying it on the web!

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Data Science? AI? Machine Learning? These 3 buzz words being thrown around everywhere must be confusing a lot! This series is for those with no or little prior experience with the above three trending areas. By the end of this series, you should have a basic understanding of them and even have your own AI solution (A Machine Learning model that takes different house features and returns the estimated price of the house) up and running which you can even add to your portfolio! This series assumes you know at least the basics of python or at least programming. …

Learn react
Learn react

🗣React 🗣React🗣 React , you’re probably hearing it everywhere and if you’ve wondered what it is and decided to put off learning it for whatever reason or just want an overview of what it is, how it functions you’ve come to the right place. React is simply a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is an open sourced JavaScript library created in Facebook which has now expanded its ability to build mobile apps(react native). Its used in almost every company this days both small and big including Facebook itself, Netflix, Microsoft and more

Your first react app

since this tutorial is about learning…

Azaria G Tamrat

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador | Azure Associate Data Scientist | Web Developer

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